EAC2 Consulting is headquartered in Pulaski VA, has provided technology services since 2011.  With the 25 years of experience of enabling businesses to find the best fit of technology to grow their business and meet government mandates.  We focus on making the technology solution fit your business instead of fitting your business to the technology.

We help a variety of clients automate their business processes to help them understand their current and potential customers and bring our clients closer to achieving business goals.  We simplify the startup process of new software that will enable their organizations to become technology driven without the pain of setting up the system and disrupting the day to day activities of the business.


Our careers have evolved from the passion to assist organizations in providing the best customer or patient service.  We focus on processes and tools that provided a 360 degree view of the customer; increasing revenue and improving marketing integrations and self-service tools.  EAC2 Consulting enjoys being challenged with new projects that benefit from our flexibility to analyze data and pitch a new idea to grow the business.  We desire to be in a position where we can impact the business in a positive manner through improved relations with the customer or patient.

Whether we are helping you setup electronic medical records or setting up a call center, we are the right partner to make this a friendly experience for your inside and outside customer’s.

Successful approach

All of EAC2 work is focused on:

1)      Providing a hands on team of experts to customize the technology

2)      Offering the best practices from Fortune 500 companies

3)      Developing the technology to surpass our clients roadblocks

4)      Offering the most advanced solution that is cost efficient

5)      Engaging our partners to add the needed services to make our clients successful


EAC2 Consulting

Making Technology Customer Friendly…

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