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  • Create Long-Term Growth Strategic Planning
  • Abate Implementation Risks
  • Diminish Project Costs
  • Fast-track Execution
  • Escalation Organizational Responsiveness


barnabas-org-membership-process_page_2resizedThe Business Process Mapping is an process designed to help you organization with a clear vision of its implementation requirements, time-lines, and resources.  Business Process Mapping also consists of specific process strategy definitions and optimizations.

As Cloud-Based Systems continue to expand into innovative organizations and increase in technical intricacy, gaining perspective into what will be required for an implementation is more challenging. So focus on up front resources to update ineffective processes before you implement–it will be critical to your long-term success.
We will direct your organization to ensure a successful decision and roll out before you make the technology commitment.



Top Marketing Systematization Self-Assessment Questions:

  1. Are you targeting the correct buyer? Are you using the right avenues to reach them?
  2. Is your marketing systematization solution able to track campaign ROI from cradle to grave?
  3. Is your data accurate, up-to-date, complete, and located in one place?
  4. Are your marketing and sales teams properly aligned?
  5. Does your marketing organization possess the skills and resources required to create, deploy, and measure campaigns effectively?

free-membership-word-cloud-300x182EAC2 approach to marketing systematization will help you bring your organization to the next level.  We provide the strategy and implementation plan to enhance your marketing execution from strategy to marketing systematization.

With EAC2 Consulting Solutions, you will maximize the value of your marketing investment by sending the right message to the right person through the right channel at the right time and be able to manage multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns effortlessly.


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