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$525 Package Includes:

  • Database setup
  • Management of your Contacts
  • Donation platform setup
  • Automatic Thank You emails to Donors
  • Auto-reminders to ask for recurring donations
  • Donation reports at a glance
  • Basic or advanced payment website integration
  • Our team will provide 1 hour training
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Are you involved with a non-profit organization that needs to increase their donations? 

We strongly believe in your mission and strive to do meaningful and quality work that will help you reach your Organization’s vision.  Our goal is to use the skills, knowledge and expertise that we have obtained working with a wide range and diverse number of Non-Profit Organization’s worldwide to help those who are committed to helping others.

At EAC, we can help with;

Database Setup for the donors

We can outfit your organization with a Salesforce database to help you keep track of your means and resources.  Understand how many donations you can give to a specific need. 

 donor-managementCreation of database includes the following.

  • Setup of Donor details
  • Setup of Donation details
  • Mass Donation email functionality
    • Meeting notifications
    • Invite people to donate
  • Auto-generated email functionality
    • Total donations each month
    • Reminder email to donate
  • Donor web portals
  • Complete web integration with Database
  • Strong Report functionality with Dashboards
  • Automatic updates are include in future releases


We can add Donation Processing to your website.  Streamline the process of entering donations and posting entries in the office.  Develop multiple pages to have donors imply specifically what cause they want to donate.

 newlogoDonation Platform

  • Creation of donation pages based on target audience of donation
  • Automatic calculation of donation totals by Donor
  • Complete report functionality to show donations by year, location, donor etc


We can attach an event manager to your website and data base to help you keep track of when and what events you have coming up.  Allow easy access to event announcements.

event-registration-reportEvent Manager

  • Schedule events for future fundraising events
  • Checkout pages to allow for various levels of entry
  • Organize events based on the number of individuals attending


Volunteer system

  • Create a distinct job for volunteers to sign up
  • Scheduling ability for each job
  • Automatically contact each volunteer 2 days before the schedule time
  • Calendar functionality  to sign up for Job’s to volunteer


Or is your organization also in need of a new website?

Website Creation

We can develop a simplified website, micro site, banner page, and all forms of social media integration.  Come see us about making your cause stand out and gain momentum on increasing the donation levels.  We offer search engine optimization to every degree.  We can create the perfect website for your organization. wordpress-logo-hoz-rgb



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